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Top 50 beers of all time.


50.Honey Brown Lager
Yeah, I know that this one is a little bit girly, but it was a big hit in college.

And it goes nicely on a hot summer day.

49.Busch Light
A lot of people drink this, but it is not much more than water with a bit of malt in it. But to each their own... I suppose.

48.Michelob Ultra
See previous explanation.

This was always available at those certain beer outlets that would let you purchase before your 21st birthday. So needless to say, I became quite familiar with the Stinger!

46.Genessee Cream Ale
Okay, this is nasty, nasty stuff. But when it comes to affordability, you can't beat it. I think it is actually cheaper than Pepsi.

45.Milwaukee's Best
Whenever you are a few days away from payday, and you have that thirst...


I have never actually tasted this beer, but I can remember the commercials growing up, and my parents said I used to walk around singing "This one calls for Lowenbrau, right now!"

43.Sam Adams Holiday Porter
Because nothing celebrates the birth of a Savior better than a high alcohol-content beer!

The commercials alone would be reason for this beer to make the list, but this one is actually really good. Just watch out for falling cans.

41.Saint Pauli Girl
I heard somewhere that a St. Pauli Girl is a prostitute. That could be wrong, but I guess it goes along with the process of drinking heavily.

Here is our first beer that may have crossed the border illegally, but since it's brewed in Baja, California... it's almost like a domestic brew.

"When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer."


38.Bud Dry
Okay, so this one is obviously a joke, but any of you who tried it during the three days that it was available know that it was AWESOME. Why ask why?

37.Red Dog
This one makes the list based on the little-known "strength of mascot" category. Don't get me wrong, it had a decent taste, but the bulldog was the biggest strength.

This beer is way to classy to be funny. Since I am not that funny to begin with... I will choose to digress.

35.Natural Ice
My first college party involved massive amounts of Natural Ice. I was wearing cargo pants, and took advantage of the many pockets to stock up on free drinks. The memories put it on the list.

34.Sam Adams Summer Ale
I am beginning to sound like a problem drinker, but I could spend all day taking about a 12 pack of Summer Ale, a cool evening, and a tough walk home.

I have no idea how to pronounce this, but it is certainly a solid choice. It also sounds like if the beer had a brother... they could start a circus.

32.Colt 45
Come on, you know what I am going to say.

"It works every time."

This seems to be the redheaded stepchild of Irish beers, but it might be the best. But who am I kidding?

The best are coming later.

30.Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
I do not like the people who drink this beer.

If you are one of those people, I am not talking about you.

29.Miller Genuine Draft
My late grandmother loved this beer, and I believe would still think that the MGD stood for "Millie Gohmann Draft."

28.Blue Moon
I found it hard to put a beer on the list that often comes with an orange slice on the glass.

But have you tasted it? Heaven!

27.Coors Light
The new web guy really likes this one, and so do I, but I had to put it relatively low on the list just to make him mad.

Call it freshman hazing.

Here's the fist Canadian beer to crack the list. It has a cool name, a cool mascot, and tastes great.

We will forgive the fact that it's Canadian.

25.Old Milwaukee
Because let's face it, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Well, 24 other beers do... but that's beside the point.

 24.Red Stripe
Have you seen these commericals? Maybe the weirdest, funniest things on television.


Since I was quite young when this beer had its heyday, it was always known to me as a bad tasting beer that had a high alcohol content. And sadly, for many of us... that's enough.

22.Miller Light
I am actually kicking myself right now for where I put this. Seriously, my own foot is actually kicking my own body.

This beer deserves better.

21.Original Coors
This a sweet nectar that was my go-to drink for about 6 months. I miss those days.

Hold on while I grab a Coors.

My great uncle still drinks Stroh's.

He is 143 years old.

19.Molson Golden
When you need a little pick me up, there is nothing like a little Molson Golson.

Wait, did I say Molson Golson?

18.Harp Lager
Yes, I am Irish, and yes, there are a number of Irish brews on the list.

What are you going to do about it?

17.Bud Light
This probably should have been higher based on popularity, but those people who hate Bud Light REALLY hate Bud Light.

And I am doing this for you!

If you need to add a lime to beer to make it tasty, then your beer isn't good enough. But since I have never had a Corona WITHOUT lime, I can't really speak in an educated way on the subject.

Head for a beer that's as smooth as a mountain stream.

Are mountain streams smooth? I always thought they were wet.

14.Labatt Blue
Head for the Blue Light!

No, not K-Mart, or WalMart, or whatever... I am talking about yet another Canadian beer.

13.Dos Equis
This beer doesn't get a lot of respect, but it is fantastic, especially for a south-of-the-border beer.

This beer actually got me arrested once, but you didn't hear that.

12.Rolling Rock
You gotta love the green bottle.

And you gotta love the commercials.

Oh yeah, and it tastes mighty fine!

I really do not like to drink this one, but you cannot deny the reputation.

But why does it have to cost so much???

10.Natural Light
Yes, I realize that this will make a lot of people mad, but when you have a house party coming up, and a budget of 50 bucks, where do you turn?

The Natty, of course!

9.Michelob Light
This costs about 30 cents more than Bud Light, but for some reason I feel aristocratic when I purchase it.

Can you explain that?8.Pabst Blue Ribbon
PBR me... ASAP.

I actually feel badly that I don't have the blue ribbon beer, logically, as my number one.

7.Bass Ale
This isn't my favorite, but it is close. It might be the best tasting beer possible, but for some reason it is not as famous as some of the following brews.

Yes... it's Irish.

6.Killian's Irish Red
Here is my all time favorite beer. It might not be your #6, but guess what?

My list, my rules.

I never completely understood the allure of this beer, but many, many, many of you do.

And so does NASCAR.

4.Sam Adams Boston Lager
This beer passes itself off as an Irish beer, with the name of a city that passes itself off as an Irish city.

In some way, you must respect that.

3.Molson Canadian
I would never have allowed a Canadian beer to take the number one slot.

You know me better than that.

Not only is this delicious, but I have heard that it is also the healthiest beer.

Healthiest beer... does that even make sense to you?

1.Miller High Life
Come on now...

It's the Champagne of Beers!

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